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Smart Baby Touch HD - Amazing sounds in toddler flashcards of animals, vehicles, musical instruments and much more app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 5568 ratings )
Games Education Educational
Developer: Gennadii Zakharov
2.99 USD
Current version: 2.5, last update: 5 months ago
First release : 14 Aug 2014
App size: 143.78 Mb

The education and development of your baby has never before been so fun and exciting!
More than 450 interactive flashcards with high-quality pictures in HD, sounds, written words and professional audio from native speakers. Find out your babys interests, customize the application anyway you like by adding new categories and flashcards. Create your own flashcards using photos of your family, your favorite pets, using whatever you would like to use in order to teach your child! You can also record your own voice or sounds for your child, its all very simple!

Play, have fun and learn about the world starting from the first few months!

In an intuitive and convenient way your child gets acquainted with a variety of words and concepts by simply clicking on colorful pictures. For older kids, you can use the training mode, where the child is encouraged to choose the correct option from the variants on the screen and using already familiar words and concepts.

Application features:

• More than 450 interactive flashcards in 8 categories:

- The World of Animals
- Birds
- Wild Animals
- Musical Instruments
- Home
- Vehicles
- Nature
- Kids World

The application includes five basic categories(The World of Animals, Vehicles, Wild Animals, Musical Instruments, Home) and the ability to add more.
• Up to 5 different pictures in high quality HD and amazing sounds for each object
• For the first time it is simple and easy to create and edit your own interactive flashcards.
• You have the ability to manage categories. Add new categories, create your own category, change the order of the categories as you wish.
• There are 2 modes of the application. The intuitive and easy viewing mode by simply touching the flashcards. As well as training mode with questions and choices of flashcards.
• It is a unique opportunity to find out the preferences of your child! See which flashcards and categories attracted them the most.
• There are specially selected sounds of animals, birds, musical instruments and much more.
• The voiced flashcards are professionally recorded with native speakers.
• In the process of developing the application adaptations were programmed, taking into consideration the childs perception and interaction with the phone or tablet, including lengthy pressing of the screen by accident.
• There are advanced settings of the flashcards viewing mode. 
• The development of application is being continuously innovated, including the adding of new categories, flashcards and possibilities.

Pros and cons of Smart Baby Touch HD - Amazing sounds in toddler flashcards of animals, vehicles, musical instruments and much more app for iPhone and iPad

Smart Baby Touch HD - Amazing sounds in toddler flashcards of animals, vehicles, musical instruments and much more app good for

Great app! I liked how I could make my own flash card category (grandma, grandpa etc).
This app is great for my 2 year old. She loves all the categories and how each card has a few pictures each. It keeps her interest and she hasnt gotten board of it yet!
20-month old son loves this app and actually has expanded his vocabulary!
Pretty good. Wish there was a lot more flash cards but probably worth the money.
Great app for holding off meltdowns in the store and on long car rides.
My 17 month loves this app! Shell sit still for at least 20 minutes.

Some bad moments

I bought this app for a little patient I take care of. Thought. I was buying an upgrade from flash cards.... But it gave me a totally different app that doesnt have the same features. Baby girl likes theta me part of the free app the best which of course isnt included in the newer app. I have other apps with animal pics and sounds that she likes better.
My grandson enjoys hearing the sounds, but I purchased it I thought to unlock the other sets that were locked in the free version, but it downloaded a completely different app that doesnt even have the same sets as the free one did and the free one had a game component that the paid doesnt have. Plus it told me I could get a free set of cards for a review, but even though the Parents section says I "purchased" the nature set, the set doesnt show up in the app. Really a disappointment.
Shes repeating all the words and sounds and expanding her vocabulary. Great educational app!
My little guy is doing a great job learning a bunch of new words. I love in that I can also creat my own cards to create name face recognition of family members!!
This is a great app for my little one. He loves animals, and I love that there are multiple pictures for each one. I also enjoy the fact that I was able to make my own category with pictures of our family members that live far away!
It has helped my son learn so many words and sounds. He loves it!