Smart Baby Touch HD - Amazing sounds in toddler flashcards of animals, vehicles, musical instruments and much more App Reviews

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Great app

Great app! I liked how I could make my own flash card category (grandma, grandpa etc).

Great app

This app is great for my 2 year old. She loves all the categories and how each card has a few pictures each. It keeps her interest and she hasnt gotten board of it yet!


My 18 month old granddaughter is really enjoying it!


20-month old son loves this app and actually has expanded his vocabulary!

2 year old loves it

My son loves this app

Smart baby flashcards

We really like it!

11 month old Loves it

Pretty good. Wish there was a lot more flash cards but probably worth the money.

2 year old loves it

Great app for holding off meltdowns in the store and on long car rides.

Great app

My 17 month loves this app! Shell sit still for at least 20 minutes.

Granddaughter loves this app.

My grand kids love this app.

Great app!

My daughter loves this app and we love creating our own flash cards with it.

Thumbs up

Its kind of like my baby can read flash cards but better and less messy, glad there an app version

Full version is great

My toddler loves the variety of everyday objects and animals. Definitely worth the price.

Great app

I wish they have more animals in the paid version

Great for speech development

Our son has a speech delay and this app has really encouraged him to start speaking more with the use of his favorite pictures and sounds.

Great App

This app is wonderful and my daughter loves learning with it!

Wonderful App!

My one year old loves this App! It keeps him busy and he loves the animal sounds and pics. Very interactive app!

Love this app!

Please please please please make a version of this app where I can do ALL my own categories. Especially if I can do several photos under each option (like in the cars category, there are different types in one square). PleasE make this ASAP!

Great app!

My two year old loves it!


This is a great app. Love how you can personalize the app with family pics and pet pics with their names!!

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